RELATIVITY'S MISTAKE__________________________________________________________________________

  A mistake? How can there be a mistake? The Theory of Relativity is the most famous theory in the world. More research and investigation has probably been made into this one theory alone than any other theory in history. So how can there be a mistake? If there was a mistake wouldn’t someone have found it by now? 
[Probably not! But there is indeed a mistake!]

  The problem with Einstein’s thinking is the same problem with everyone else’s thinking –
  “Time”! Time itself!

    Everyone in the world believes that time exists as a fundamental principle of the universe. Like matter, energy, and the forces of nature, time is considered to be a “real thing”, a real substance: one of the five fundamental pieces used to construct the universe. There is only one problem; time does not exist as a fundamental principle of the universe! Time is not a real “thing”!

  One of the first great discoveries of the Vortex Theory was that time is a phenomenon created by motion, a function of motion, an effect of motion. As such, it cannot be used to explain the workings of the universe.

  Consequently, any theory that uses time as one of its fundamental principles to explain the workings of the universe is wrong. It is as simple as that!

  And that is exactly what the theory of relativity does. The Theory of Relativity uses a fourth dimension constructed of “space” and “time” to explain the length shrinkage and time dilation effects that occur at near light velocities. However, if time does not exist as a fundamental principle of the universe, if it is really a function of motion -
a phenomenon created by motion (a shadow of motion), then the 4th dimension does not possess any "time" characteristics. Hence, "space-time" could not be used as an explanation for the length shrinkage and time dilation effects that occur at near light velocities. Therefore, if this supposition is indeed true, then another explanation - the true explanation - has to exist for the length shrinkage and time dilation effects that occur so noticeably at near light velocities. [And after an eight year search, this is exactly what was found.]


      Einstein once said, "Imagination is greater than education". A profound insight which is absolutely true! For when everyone is trained alike, everyone thinks alike, everyone reasons alike, and everyone comes to the same conclusions.   

      This continued way of thought does not find errors, but reaffirms errors from one generation to the next. The only way to break this misleading cycle is to throw away the authoritarian educational training received from others and to use one's own imagination to think in ways no one has ever thought in before. This was the very way of thinking that launched Einstein upon a voyage of discovery, but never allowed him to reach the "New World". Mr. Einstein’s problem was that he tried to incorporate the concept of time into all of his ideas, never realizing that this was the excess baggage of past generations that needed to be discarded before ever trying to make the trip.   Although he was right many times, he was also wrong.

      Einstein's use of his imagination allowed him to correctly deduce that the speed of light would be measured the same for all observers everywhere no matter how fast they were traveling. A brilliant deduction! However, because Einstein believed space was made of nothing, he never deduced the principle of the "backdrop of space". Hence, from Einstein's point of view, the motions of everything in the universe were "relative" to the motions of everything else. A situation that appears to be absolutely true for the observations of the planets, stars, and galaxies we see from our perspective as human beings living here upon the Earth. 

     Hence, the Lorentz transformation equations that allow us to calculate the “time differences” between two moving frames of reference are still valid. And even though the "twins paradox", the orbit of Mercury aberrations, and many other observations from the "relativistic" vision of the universe are still real effects, the causes of these effects have nothing to do with the concept of time.  Just as Newton's laws are 
still applicable even though they were amended by the Theory of Relativity,
the Theory of Relativity is still applicable too, even though it is now amended by the Vortex Theory.   

      However, in the "microscopic" world of the atom, things are very different. The "microscopic" universe possesses a completely different perspective than that seen from the "macroscopic" point of view of the universe. The view of the universe from inside a proton or an electron is completely different from the relativistic view. 

Because of these two differences in perspective, there will always be two truths to our viewpoint of the universe. There is the truth of cause and the truth of effect.   The misunderstanding of these two truths has fooled many of the greatest thinkers who have ever lived. Aristotle was fooled. Aristotle believed everything above the orbit of the Moon was unchanging. An observation that from his perspective [and from ours], appears to be absolutely correct! When we look up at the positions of the stars in the sky, they do indeed appear to be forever eternal and unchanging. A mistaken belief that makes his assumption appear to be absolutely true. Indeed, it is a true effect - we actually see it. In fact, from the time we are born until the time we die, nothing appears to have changed in the night sky. We can truthfully witness and testify to this effect in court.   Even so, nothing could be further from the truth. Everything in the sky is constantly changing its position. What we are witnessing and testifying to are only the effects we are seeing from our point of view here upon the earth. Today, we all know that the cause of this effect results from the fact that these stars are so incredibly far away that their actual motions are indiscernible.  

Another example of these two contrary truths is seen in the rotation of the heavens. From the viewpoint of every generation up to and including Copernicus, it appeared as if everything was revolving around the Earth. Although the stars do not appear to move as individuals, "en-mass" they appeared to revolve as one group - along with the Sun, Moon, and planets around the Earth: which is a true observation. However, as before, this is only the effect we are seeing. As we now know, the cause of the effect is being created by the rotation of the Earth itself.   

      Cause and effect - it crops up again and again in mans observations of the universe. We see an effect and try to assign a cause to it, but many times the causes we assign are completely wrong. But this technicality doesn't seem to bother most people. People need answers, and if one fulfills this need, whether it is right or wrong, the uncertainty is eliminated and men are satisfied.   When their children ask them the same questions they asked their parents, they are happy to be able to give them an answer. Soon the answer becomes part of the collective heritage of the ideas passed on from generation to generation. It becomes a belief and becomes a part of our mythology; and the more people who believe it, the more believable it becomes!  

      In knowing how errors are made and propagated from generation to generation, we now understand Mr. Einstein's error. Like everyone else, he was taught to believe in the erroneous concept of time. Since he believed in time, he believed that the cause of the time dilation effects that occur at near light velocities was "time". 

      However, after the discovery of the Vortex Theory, we can now see that there is a difference between the “effect” of time and the “cause” of time. Although the “effect” of time - [the phenomenon of time] - appears to be real, it is not being created by "time". Instead, it will be demonstrated then proven in The Vortex Theory the motions of everything within the physical universe are creating it.

EINSTEINS' MISTAKE_____________________________________________________________________________


Excerpt from The End of the Concept of “Time!” by Dr Russell Moon…

  …and that is where it happened. In the quiet library standing in the center of the city that had once been the party capital of the United States, I discovered the mysteries of "time".

  Within that library I was happy. The quiet intellectual atmosphere reminded me of college. I studied there and thought there. And it was there that I first began to realize there is an inextricable relationship between time and motion. An inextricable relationship that begins to become apparent the more one investigates the measurement of time.

  For instance, I asked myself, is it just a coincidence that all measurements of time are defined by motion? The answer is no! Everything men can think of that might possibly be used to measure the passage of time is in motion. There is no exception. Even tree rings in dead logs were laid down by chemical reactions taking place at fixed rates.

  Chemical reactions also play a major role in "Biological Time". The DNA in plants and animals responsible for the growth and characteristics of all living things are made of chemicals reacting with other chemicals.

  Even when we think we are sitting perfectly still, there are billions of chemical reactions taking place within every cell of our body. Some people think they can detect a passage of time by sitting perfectly still in a dark room. But what these people fail to realize is that their body is a microcosm of activity. Their heart is beating. Blood is flowing to every cell throughout their body. Electricity is flowing from their nerves to their brains. Within the brain, neurons are constantly receiving and passing electric current, generating a succession of thoughts. Which all lead us to the realization that even though we are sitting still, our body, is a virtual metropolis of chemical and biological motions.

  These chemical and biological motions create a sequence of events, which are responsible for our aging process. The chemistry of our DNA becomes a chemical "clock" that makes our body "tick". Knowing this we also know that our ages are not a result of time, but the result of chemical reactions.

  The realization that no measurement of time is free of motion inspired my imagination. I tried to think of a way to philosophically prove the existence of this unbreakable bond between motion and time. As a result of these efforts, a fascinating philosophical conjecture was conceived. It started like this, "If all of the motions of everything in the universe slowed down, stopped and then slowly started up again, is there any way to tell for how long they were stopped?"

  The answer, after much consideration, is no. Because just as a physical yardstick measures the distance between two objects, a regularly reoccurring sequence of events - harmonic motion - is used as a yardstick of time to measure the distance between a random set of events. However, unlike the physical yardstick, when the harmonic motion used to keep track of time stops, the yardstick of time no longer exists and the distance between random events can no longer be measured. Hence, we are unable to tell if the universe was stopped for a second, a day, a year, or a million years!

  Also, in such a slowdown, since the motions of everything in the universe would slow down proportionally to the motions of everything else, we would never notice any change occurring at all. We would never notice anything slowing down, stopping, or starting up again. In fact, nothing would ever appear to have happened at all. A simply astounding conclusion!

  Based on this conclusion, I began to understand that time is a function of motion, a phenomenon created by motion, and as such cannot exist separately and apart from motion. Just like the shadows I observed every evening while looking out of the window of the library were an effect, time is also an effect and motion is the cause. (Although later, I discovered that motion is not the final cause. Motion itself is an effect being created by still another cause. Time is merely the last effect in a chain of causes and effects. But all this will be explained later.)

  After coming to the conclusion that time is a function of motion, a phenomenon created by motion, something else began to bother me. Each night when I was about to leave the library, I reluctantly looked at the clock to see what time it was. This nightly observation troubled me greatly. Like the rest of us, I had always associated time with clocks, and clocks with time. I was troubled to think that a clock, the most common of all mechanical devices, was keeping track of something that didn't exist.

  Or rather, I should say I was troubled until I realized that even though time does not exist, the phenomenon of time does. The phenomenon of time is real. Just like the shadows creeping up the sides of the buildings surrounding the library is a real phenomenon, and just like the motion of the stars circling the Earth is a real phenomenon, the phenomenon of time is also a real phenomenon. It exists as a "real illusion".

  Since I was excited about what I had discovered, I made the mistake of telling a friend that time exists only as a phenomenon, and not as a fundamental principle of the universe. For my efforts, I was rudely shown a clock and asked, "If time doesn't exist, what the hell is that keeping track of?"  

  Because of that little incident, I realized I was playing with fire. I understood that anytime you attack a belief, you are instigating an irrational emotional response. Therefore, I decided that from then on, I would go within, and tell no one what I was doing. But just in case I was ever confronted with the same response again, I researched clocks. 

  This research revealed that the great fallacy of clocks keeping track of “time” is dispelled when one investigates the role of the clock as a navigational device.

  In reality, a clock is a mechanical device keeping track of a fixed position upon the surface of the rotating Earth relative to the fixed position of the Sun when it is directly overhead. The hour, the minute, and the second were arbitrary units assigned to time long ago and are meaningless. Over the years, time has merely become associated with clocks and clocks with time.

  When someone asks another, "What time is it?" in reality and unbeknownst to themselves, what they are really asking is, "According to the clock - how far has the Earth rotated since the Sun was directly overhead at noon?" Since the circumference of the Earth at the equator is divided into twenty-four sections, each about a thousand miles in width, and the clock is divided into twenty-four hours, every hour past noon indicates the Earth has rotated a little over a thousand miles. The further breakdown of the clock into minutes and seconds allows this thousand-mile distance to be divided into thirty-six hundred equal parts, which allows the navigator to accurately determine his position to about a quarter of a mile.

  This relationship between the Earthly location of a clock and the position of the Sun is made apparent by airplane travel. When we travel from America to Europe, we have to change our clocks when we arrive, if not, they will be out of sync with the position of the Sun and their "time" is inaccurate.

  The arbitrariness of our increments of time - the hour, minute, second, day, week, month, and year is exposed when considering the rotation of other planets. When men go to Mars, all of these units will have to be changed. Since Mars rotates approximately one half hour longer (24.5 hours) than the Earth’s 24 hours, an Earthly clock taken to Mars will soon be out of sync with the appearance of the Sun in the Martian sky. After 12 "Martian days", an Earthly clock taken to Mars will be 6 hours slow. And after 24 Martian days, it will be 12 hours slow. The discrepancy will really become apparent then, because even though the Earthly clock indicates it is midnight, the Sun will be shining high in the sky, showing everyone it is noon!

  If a man upon the surface of Mars tries to navigate using Earthly clocks, he will get lost. He will find that the Earthly clock is useless upon Mars. To be able to navigate upon Mars, men will have to build completely new clocks that correspond to the slower rotation of the Martian world.

  When he builds new clocks, he will find that he will have to change the length of the hour, minute, and second to correspond to the longer rotational period of the Martian planet.

  If he stays for generations, the earthy concept of the hour, minute, and second will become meaningless. He may eventually find it necessary to substitute the values of the Earthly second with the values of the slower Martian second. A substitution which will affect his values for all the important measurements which are based upon the value of an Earthly second (such as the speed of light). Hence, all of his mathematical equations for objects in motion will also be affected. He will then find it necessary to have two sets of reference books: one for values based upon the measurement of an Earthly second, and one for the Martian second.

  Or he may find it necessary to do away with the concept of the hour, minute and second altogether. He may find it more efficient to divide a Martian day into a "metric system" of units, such as tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.

  Although this is all speculation, it is a good illustration to demonstrate that our concept of hours, minutes and seconds, are ONLY meaningful upon this planet or upon another planet rotating once every 24 "Earthly hours". When we try to use our clocks upon another planet rotating at a different rate of speed, we find that our "earthly clocks" are unsuited for the task. This failure unmasks the truth about the units of time and we finally begin to realize that our concept of the hour, minute, and second is not universal. We begin to realize clocks do not keep track of  "time". "Time" is merely associated with clocks, and clocks are merely associated with time…

EINSTEINS' MISTAKE_____________________________________________________________________________


Excerpt from The End of the Concept of “Time!” by Dr Russell Moon…

…according to the present scientific model of the universe given to us by Albert Einstein, space is "believed" to be made of nothing. But even though it is made of nothing, it is somehow "believed" to be constructed out of three observable dimensions of length, width, and height, and one dimension of time. (This doesn't seem to make any sense, because how can something made of nothing have any characteristics at all?)

  Furthermore, Einstein also proposed that space appeared to be bent around massive objects such as stars, and that bent space is equivalent to the force of gravity! (However, as was said before, how can something made of nothing be bent?)

  Although this idea doesn't seem to trouble scientists, it troubled me; because how can those pragmatic men who claim to believe only in those things perceptible to the human senses, turn right around and profess to believe in the "bend-ability" of a substance made of nothing at all?  Such logic makes no sense. The only idea that made any sense was for space to indeed be made of something.

[And indeed it is.]

  In The Vortex Theory, gravity is finally explained. It is also explained that space is indeed bent around massive objects such as the sun, but this bend does not create the force of gravity. Furthermore, this bend in space is a result of something else!

EINSTEINS' MISTAKE_____________________________________________________________________________


Excerpt from The Vortex Theory: by Dr Rssell Moon

Unlike the Theory of Relativity that had only one perspective to view the universe from, it was discovered that there are actually three viewpoints! Shockingly, although each viewpoint is a separate reality unto itself and sees the same events completely different from the other viewpoints, each one is right!

     Although it is hard to believe, there are three completely different and independent perspectives from which to view the universe. The first of these three viewpoints is of course ours. This is the Einsteinium viewpoint upon which the Theory of Relativity and all of 20th Century science is based; the second viewpoint is one seen from the perspective within a three-dimensional hole such as the proton, or an electron; while the third view point is an omnipresent Godlike viewpoint. This is a “seeing all, knowing all” viewpoint seen from the perspective of the highest dimension of the universe.

   How can something like this happen? How can there be three different realities for a single event? How can three viewpoints that are completely different from each other witness the same event, see a completely different set of results, yet each one be just as right as the other two?

  Although the above perplexing question seems to call for a confusing answer, it is actually quite simple. Right now, even though we live in only one perspective – the Einsteinium viewpoint – there are many instances where what we see is not what is happening.

  Perhaps the most famous of these contradictions is the rising and setting of the Sun. Every day, from our perspective here upon the Earth, the Sun appears to rise and set (hence the words Sunrise and Sunset). Also from our perspective, the Moon, Planets, and stars all appear to be rotating around us too. But change our perspective, and the illusion ends.

  When astronauts stood upon the Moon, they saw a completely different perspective. They saw the Earth rotating. They saw the lighted side and the darkened side of the Earth and were the first people in all of human history to actually see how day and night are created. And yet, even though what they saw was true, at that very same instant, what people were seeing from their perspective upon the Earth was also true; they saw the Sun rise, move across the sky, and then set. In effect, two different realities were occurring at the same instant. And even though each viewpoint was completely different from the other, both were absolutely correct!

  A similar situation is occurring from different perspectives within the cosmos.

  The Theory of Relativity was, and is limited because Einstein and the rest of us can only see the construction of the universe from one of these viewpoints. Because space cannot be seen, all motions do indeed appear to be relative to each other. Unfortunately, even though the Einsteinium point of view is a real viewpoint, a real observation – its perspective is limited. It creates a false impression of how the universe is constructed. Only the combination of all three of these viewpoints reveals the truth about how the universe is constructed.

  What is truly remarkable about these three independent perspectives is the amazing fact that there are actions and reactions taking place within the universe that can only be seen from each one of these individual points of view; and these actions and reactions affect the mechanics and motions of the universe in ways Einstein and contemporaries never imagined. [This will become apparent in the proof Section III]

  For example, as will be shown in the proof at the end of this book, when an atom is moving in relationship to the Backdrop of Space, from the point of view of the universe as seen from within the electron or proton – the two vortices of three-dimensional space that are flowing back and forth between them are moving at two different speeds. However, from the perspective of higher dimensional space, the vortices can be seen flowing at the same identical speeds – the speed of light. What is even more remarkable, from our perspective, as we look at the atom under the microscope in our laboratory, we cannot even tell if the atom is moving! Even though the Earth is hurling through the universe at a tremendous speed, since everything upon the Earth is also moving at the same speed, nothing appears to be moving at all!

  Our perspective is also extremely limited. We cannot see the other vortex in higher dimensional space and we cannot even see the vortex in three-dimensional space. And even if some day we develop equipment sophisticated enough to see the three-dimensional vortex, it will always appear to be moving at the speed of light. It will always appear to be moving at the speed of light because we are forever trapped within the Einsteinium perspective of the universe.

[Note, in chapter 20, when time dilation is discussed, it will begin to become obvious that from the Einsteinium Viewpoint of the universe, we are witnessing the effects of the universe and not the causes.]

EINSTEINS' MISTAKE_____________________________________________________________________________


  The true vision of the universe must be able to precisely explain everything that exists, every interrelationship that exists, and every seeable or perceivable occurrence that occurs everywhere within the physical universe. Unfortunately, the present vision of the universe cannot meet these criteria.

  The present scientific vision of the universe is the one given to us by Albert Einstein. It states that matter is made of something, space is made of nothing, and time exists as part of a fourth dimension he called "space-time." Although he proved that matter and energy are interchangeable, the "substance" energy is made of was unknown and is unknown. The same is true for force. Even though there are four identifiable forces, what they are made of or how they are being generated, or why they even exist is also unknown.

  Because there are problems with this vision of the universe, it should also be mentioned there are now some groups of scientists who believe space is made out of some sort of energy. Unfortunately, this idea does not even begin to solve all of the problems.

  The present vision of the universe is found lacking in many areas. For example, if the present vision of the universe is the true vision, why can't it be used to unite the forces of nature into one force? Certainly if anyone could accomplish this feat it would have been Albert Einstein. And yet, even though he did not lack ability or effort (he tried for many years), he was unable to do it, or show why it could not be done.

  This decades old failure to unify the forces of nature, reminds us of the current problem that faces us with gravity. Why can't Newtonian gravity and Quantum gravity be united?

  If the principles proposed in quantum mechanics are true, if the vision of the subatomic world as proposed by quantum mechanics is the real and true vision of how the microscopic universe is actually constructed, then how come it cannot be used to solve what should be the simple problem of explaining Newtonian Gravity? (And visa versa?) How come the best and brightest minds in today's world of physics have all failed to accomplish this task, or show why it cannot be accomplished?

  Although we could go on and on, and analyze the many problems that also exist with matter, space, time, and energy, it is not necessary. The failure to unite the forces of nature and to unite Newtonian and Quantum Gravity, or to show why they cannot be united, indicates there is something wrong with the way we are trying to envision force itself. Nor is this merely a minor or mundane problem.

  Stated simply, the failure to resolve the problem with force, or to adequately use the present vision of the universe to explain why force even exists indicates there is something wrong with the present vision of how the universe is constructed.

EINSTEINS' MISTAKE_____________________________________________________________________________


  The Theory of Relativity was named the theory of relativity because the motions of everything in the universe are relative to everything else. There are no reference points. But this is a mistake!

  Everything is relative only from our point of view. In reality, there are actually two reference points. In The Vortex Theory, these two reference points are presented and explained.


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