A great mistake exists in science 

  • The five pieces of the universe: matter, space, time, energy, and the forces of nature are not constructed the way science presently believes. They are constructed in a way totally unlike anything anyone has ever imagined before.

  • Their construction, creates a shocking vision of the universe unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. This revolutionary new vision of the universe is not only the Rosetta Stone of Science, it is the greatest scientific discovery ever made.

  • These revolutionary ideas are now being introduced to the world’s scientific community by the Prestigious Russian Academic Society


This revolutionary vision changes everything we know: 

  1. Einstein’s theory of relativity is now obsolete

  2. Quantum mechanics is obsolete. 

The end of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics renders the scientific disciplines of physics, chemistry, and astronomy obsolete. Shockingly, every science book in the world that deals with anyone of these subjects is obsolete!

Every college science text that deals with any part of anyone of these subjects is obsolete!

Not only will a billion books throughout the world have to be discarded and rewritten, but every science course in every school, college, and university will have to be modified. Unfortunately, millions of students are paying billions of dollars for science and engineering educations that are now obsolete!


This great irony of science is most disturbing when we realize that the most well educated and pragmatic men of this era are using a total and complete mystery of the universe in their attempt to explain the other mysteries of the universe!   If this failure were but an isolated incident, its importance might be diminished. But it is not – it increases dramatically when we realize that energy, the opposite of mass, is also a mystery!   It is inconceivable to realize that we – who live in the super energy era of space travel, atomic submarines, and five hundred million cars powered by gasoline – have no more idea what energy is than a cave man sitting on a rock, staring into the flames of his campfire. Even the electric company that sends us a bill stating we have used so much power in the last month (and are charging us for it!) has no idea what they have just sold us!


     Not even Albert Einstein – who won the Nobel Prize for explaining that energy travels in packets called photons – knew what a photon was! Neither he, nor anyone else (until now) knew how a photon is constructed. It is another of the great mysteries of 20th Century science.

     Although a photon is described as an object that acts as both a particle and a wave, nobody knows why. Nobody knows why because nobody knows what is inside a photon. To understand the great significance of the failure to explain what is inside a photon, consider the following:   If photons were some sort of insignificant mundane particle, the failure to explain how a photon is constructed wouldn’t matter. But the photon is extremely important. Photons are energy: heat is photons; light is photons. We cannot see without photons. We cannot read this page without photons.   Photons are also vitally important to life. We would not be alive without photons. They animate the matter within our bodies allowing us to move. Without motion we cannot survive. No creature would be able to survive without photons; in fact, life itself would not be possible without photons. They animate the life of the physical universe, which makes the failure to know what they are a great failure indeed!   


     Unfortunately, even though the photons of energy are a mystery, like mass, they are nevertheless used to explain other mysteries. Especially those encountered in the science of thermodynamics!   Listen to this one: after learning that neither mass nor energy has any explanation, the following definition of specific energy from the science of thermodynamics seems almost like a Stand Up Comedian’s joke. Believe it or not, specific energy is defined as the energy per unit of mass!   But this is not a funny joke because specific energy is used extensively throughout the serious science of thermodynamics. Unfortunately, so is entropy.   Entropy is of special importance. Entropy is the amount of energy that a system has used and will never be able to use again [such as the energy pouring out of the Sun]. Because of this fact, the entropy of the universe is increasing. But why is it increasing? Nobody knows! 

     One of the most significant observations ever made by science and nobody knows why it is occurring! Nobody knows why energy is pouring out of the sun and all of the stars in the sky; nobody knows why heat is flowing out of all of the living creatures of the earth; or for that matter, why all of the physical matter in the universe appears to be cooling off! Unfortunately, Entropy is only one of many more unexplainable observations in science.   In fact many of the most basic and fundamental laws of science itself are nothing more than observations without explanations! There are laws that exist that we have to accept – even though we don’t know why they exist, such as, the fundamental principles of the science of mechanics – Newton’s Three Laws of Motion!   

     Newton’s three laws of motion are absolutely essential to both the physics and the engineering sciences. In Cowles Encyclopedia of Science Industry and Technology, the importance of these three laws of motion is well stated: “The relationship of force to motion was described in three laws formulated by Sir Isaac Newton. Without these fundamental laws the science of mechanics might well be impossible”. Most impressive!   A most impressive statement indeed! But what is even more impressive is the shocking fact that these three laws that have been with us for over three hundred years, and are the foundation for the engineering sciences that were and are being used to design every building, ship, car, plane, and train upon this planet, are nothing more than observations without explanations! Newton did not know why they exist. Neither does any scientist or engineer know why they exist! And yet, the entire structure of our world is built upon them!   Well so what? What does it matter? What if there are problems with the fundamental principles of science and engineering that no scientist or engineer can answer. Has it hurt us? Has it had any effect on the great astronomical discoveries we have made about the universe, or in the wonderful technologies we have developed? And furthermore, if the greatest scientists who have ever lived failed to solve these problems, what chance does anyone else have (an argument I heard once before)?   The above question is very important because the answer to it is even more important. It goes like this: if everything we have today was achieved through error, imagine what we can accomplish using the truth…   [Note, in this book, for the first time in history all of these fundamental mysteries and laws will be explained.]




     The most basic and fundamental principles of physical science that are used to explain everything else in the universe are themselves mysteries!   Although this shocking fact seems unbelievable, it is absolutely true. The fundamental principles of physical science – that are also used in:

  • Engineering

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Thermodynamics

  • Astronomy 

(and everything else we encounter in the entire physical universe) – are “fundamental unknowns”!   The first and most important of these “fundamental unknowns” is mass, the concept of mass itself. For those who have forgotten or for those who never knew, mass is the single most important scientific characteristic of matter. It is the one characteristic of matter that is used in all of the formulas of physics and engineering to explain the motions of matter. And yet, mass is a mystery!   It is a mystery because although science knows what mass does, it does not know what mass is! If you draw a picture of one of the principle pieces of matter such as a proton, electron, or neutron, no scientist in the world can point to its mass.


     Up until the latter half of the 20th Century, it was believed that the mass of matter and the volume of matter were directly related. For example, the more matter that is packed into a constant volume the more massive it is. However, with the discovery of quarks within protons and neutrons, this idea is no longer valid.


     Quarks are fantastically small yet possess most of the mass of protons and neutrons. This creates a problem because electrons, whose sizes are absolutely enormous in relation to quarks, possess less mass than quarks, destroying the relationship between mass and volume. Nor does volume explain two other unique characteristics of mass.


     Mass attracts mass and mass resists acceleration. The attraction is supposedly explained by the existence of a particle called the graviton, yet nobody has ever seen one. Nor has matter’s resistance to acceleration ever been explained.


      Nobody has ever explained the conflict created by the observation that mass attracts mass, creating movement, yet resists movement when a force tries to accelerate it. Why motion is created in one instance yet resisted in the next is not explained or defined even in the definition of mass. Mass is defined as, “an inherent property of matter that is a measure of the amount of matter present in a body”; yet what this inherent property of matter is, or why it exists is [until now] unknown.


     Hundreds of years ago, Sir Isaac Newton discovered the famous mathematical relationship that describes the attraction of one mass for another mass. He called it the Law of Gravity. And even though he used the principle of mass to discover this great law of physics, not even this greatest of all scientists could explain what mass was. The Law of Gravity only explains what mass does, it cannot explain what mass is.

      Another great scientist, Albert Einstein, discovered the relationship between mass and energy and used it in his famous equation. But not even the great Albert Einstein knew what mass was.   This use of the concept of mass, despite the failure to understand what it is, is most disturbing.   For when we realize just how important to the science of physics the concept of mass really is, the failure to explain what it is, is multiplied every time it is used in another equation to explain something else. And mass is used many times in many equations in every branch of science.   In fact, mass is used in almost every equation of major importance in physics, engineering, and astronomy. Mass is used in the formulas that are used to explain force, momentum, inertia, acceleration, energy, work, kinetic energy, power, torque, and many more. In fact, practically every essential equation used to explain the workings of the universe uses mass. 






This is the English mathematical Proof. 



After the professors listed in the section titled Academic Review refereed the Vortex Theory Thesis, so much interest was generated by the graduate students that took part in the analysis that permission was asked to publish the thesis in a pamphlet and distribute it to other members of the faculties of the three universities. Permission was granted and:

  • Dr. Leonid Samuilovisch Slutskin of the “Publishing House ZNACK” of the MOSCOW POWER INSTITUTE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY published the thesis.


This is the Russian mathematical Proof that was reviewed
analyzed and confirmed by the 5 tenure professors 
"Referee's of the Thesis".

Because the high conversion rate between the Russian ROUBLE  and the American Dollar. Most Russians are unable to purchase the Vortex Theory Book; therefore in honor of the 5 Russian physicists who have championed the Vortex Theory the Russian PROOF can be downloaded FREE of Charge


  The Vortex Theory is based upon the hypothesis that time does not exist as a fundamental principle of the universe, but instead, only exists as a phenomenon created by motion, a “shadow” of motion. When this idea was first discovered, to say it was shocking was an understatement.
       The implications of this single philosophical idea possess disastrous consequences for all of 20th Century science. Every belief based upon the idea of time is at jeopardy. Especially Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (Relativity is based upon the existence of a fourth dimension called “SPACE-TIME!”). It was realized that even Newton’s laws needed to be looked at again.
      Although both Einstein and Newton were giants in the world of science, their reasoning processes were both based upon time. They both believed in time. Even though Newton believed time was linear [the same everywhere in the universe], and Einstein believed it was relative, the result was the same – they both believed time was a real and fundamental principle of the universe. Because of this fact, they incorporated it into their visions of how the universe was constructed.

     But if time does not exist as a fundamental principle of the universe, then Einstein’s fourth dimension of space-time does not contain any “Time” characteristics. Hence, it can no longer be used as an explanation for the length shrinkage and time dilation effects revealed by Michelson and Morley’s famous experiment.
       To correct this error, the true nature of time must first be discovered. Then because time was used to explain how matter, space, energy, and the forces of nature are constructed – we have to start all over again. But this “time”, using the correct nature of time, we can rediscover how matter, space, energy, and the forces of nature are really constructed. So how do we do it?

When time is eliminated as a cause for these length shrinkage and time dilation effects, the only thing left to explain what is happening is the increased velocity of matter itself as it moves through space. Consequently, there must exist an intrinsic relationship between matter, space, and velocity whose interactions create a mechanical explanation for the results of the Michelson Morley experiment.
The original purpose of this study was to discover this intrinsic relationship and then prove or disprove it by using it to explain the length shrinkage and time dilation effects that occur at near light velocities. But what it found went far beyond anything that was originally expected.

To state that this study was successful was an understatement. It discovered not only a precise and exact mechanical explanation for the length shrinkage and time dilation effects that nobody knew existed, but it also discovered a shocking and revolutionary vision of the universe unlike anything anyone has ever imagined before. Called the vortex theory for reasons that soon will become apparent, this new and revolutionary vision of the universe, has so far explained every phenomenon of the universe it has been applied to. 

The proof in its original form – is written so that it only takes a high school level of math to understand – is presented in both books: The End of the Concept of “Time!” and The Vortex Theory.

THE VORTEX THEORY________________________________________________________________________


The thesis is presented here.


After the professors refereed the Vortex Theory Thesis, so much interest was generated by the graduate students that took part in the analysis that permission was asked to publish the thesis in a pamphlet and distribute it to other members of the faculties of the three universities. Permission was granted and 
Dr. Leonid Samuilovisch Slutskin
of the “Publishing House ZNACK” of the MOSCOW POWER INSTITUTE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY published the thesis.  

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